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Selling Process

sell your home

1. Consultation

First things first, a complete consult must be performed to evaluate what needs to happen in order to receive top-dollar for your home. Without thorough research and expertise, you could leave money behind.

2. Pricing

It's important to keep in mind that real estate agent's don't actually price your home - your neighborhood does. With expert evaluation, research, and total honesty, you'll learn exactly what needs to happen in order to get the most for your most valuable asset.

3. Ready, Set, List

Preparing your home for the market is a full-blown production. Critical deadline adherence, important project management timelines and trusted, dependable resources & referrals all work in tandem to bring your home to life and get it live on the open market.

4. On the Market

Going live requires diligence and consistency. Knowing that the first five days of any new listing is the most optimal time to receive maximum exposure, multiple active marketing endeavors will be executed with the intention of getting prospective buyers through the door.

5. Receive Offer

Depending on what the Buyers are requesting, the closing could take anywhere between 21-45 days. Having your goals and objectives thoroughly represented during this time is vital. Once all contingencies have been satisfied, the closing can occur.

6. Close

Once all of the numbers have been balanced and the Deed has been recorded with the County, you'll receive your net proceeds from the sale so that you can move on to your next chapter.

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