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Ultra-Luxury Report 2022

The Compass 2022 Ultra-Luxury Report, featuring incredible 10+ million dollar properties from New Jersey to Washington is out now.

In 2022, Washington's ultra luxury market "finished strong. Waterfront properties comprise the majority of the ultra-high-end and there is less and less inventory every year regardless of the overall market conditions. Waterfront remains the rarest of the rare.” - Tere Foster, Compass

Haleh Clapp of Compass noted: "Ultra-luxury homes in our market are rare, with

very little inventory and infrequent turnover. When these do become available, it is a highly competitive buying environment. Those individuals who are liquid and prepared to buy with cash are almost always the winners in capturing these once in a lifetime opportunities.”

For more information on the luxury and ultra-luxury market in Washington, call Heather Whittall Homes at 425.428.8510.


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